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Welcome to the blog! This blog is intended as a space to host musings about politics and law in Nevada. Posts will be irregular in frequency. While it’s possible this blog might blossom into something bigger than its modest origins, it’s equally possible that it’ll be mothballed in four months. Stay tuned.

I chose the name Amicus Nevada as a (sort of) play on amicus curiae, which in the legal world is known as “friend of the court.” Accordingly, this blog will focus primarily on the political and legal news and current events in Nevada, although occasionally I may stray from this primary focus.

Obligatory disclaimer: the musings on the law contained herein are not intended as legal advice. If you have a legal problem, seek competent counsel. The musings posted on this blog belong to the author, and the opinions expressed on this blog are the opinions of the authors alone and do not reflect those of any employer or other entity.

With respect to comments, keep in mind this is a private blog and there is no right to post comments here, although generally germane, civil comments will be allowed to foster a dialogue about the issues presented here.

So without further ado, on to the first post.


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  1. […] when I started this blog back in February 2013, I warned that posts would be infrequent, and it was possible I’d mothball the blog. Well, something of […]

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