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“Anonymous legal blogger”


That was political commentator Elizabeth Crum today on her TV program, The Agenda, characterizing the author behind this blog. I linked to the clip here (begins at 17:40 remaining).

No anonymous bloggers here; it’s still just me. I think I had half of Nevada’s political elite wondering who was behind this blog before I confirmed it via Twitter this morning. No anonymity was intended; a quirk of this blog’s design kept my identity pretty well hidden. The user name of a post’s author is only visible at the bottom of each post’s separate page and does not appear when viewing the home page. My About page was updated late this afternoon with my biographical blurb. No intent to hide in the shadows, just a technological oversight. I’m still Sean McDonald, and I approve this blog.

In other news, my “small” post about the constitutional limitations on the Legislature proposing an alternate to the margin tax initiative petition got quite a bit of attention today. As one might imagine, I was surprised to learn that my page views today were in the hundreds, not the tens they’ve been since I started up the blog. Spread like wildfire on Twitter–I’ve included a smattering of the tweets below.

Now that the clock is running on my 15 minutes of fame, I’m sure page views will be back in the more mundane tens by next week.


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